Kareem Stephan El Shaarawy Hairstyle 2013

Borriello hair cut has very crazy fans all around the world and also popular it becomes new hairstyle trend. The hair cut another Milan player that takes field to ear the title of latest copied hair style trends of 2013 now I’m going to show el shaarawy hairstyle 2013.

Latest and also young boy’s striker for ac Milan and Italian Kareem Stephan El shaarawy hairstyle is very beautiful haircut and also attractive all to copy. Let’s go and look at the main features. Now you need to explain your hairdresser what are your requirements.  Now I’m speak in the case of very short haircut shaved on the sides the combined with a ridge in case of EL sharaawy the right quite long.

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You are looking for Shaaray hairstyle 2013? You are looking for hair style? You are searching for latest hairstyle? You want a new hairstyle for Eid right now you are in right place now you see here all latest hair styles collection.

El Shaarawy Hairstyle 2013



All pictures take from:http://www.fashionleak.org



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